About Us

Lost Cosmos is a conscious lifestyle brand, created to combine all things holistic, spiritual, healing, and magic. When Samantha is not creating and crafting jewellery, she can be found in her healing den where she gives Reiki, Chakra Balancing and a plethora of complementary therapies. A Reiki healer, and light worker, Samantha has a great passion for healing and travel, spreading her light to all that she meets. Samantha is a young jewellery artist, originally from the north-east of England. 

Lost Cosmos jewellery is known to release super powers such as transport you into the cosmos, and give you magical witchy powers. All powers are enhanced by Reiki charged crystals and moon magic. 

Her obsession with magic and the beauty that the world has to offer has found her travelling far and wide, collecting naturally sourced materials along the way, such as crystals and sea shells that are being used in her work today. All jewellery is handmade and designed with Love & Light, inspired by nature, and infused with healing vibrations. 

Lost Cosmos is for the for illuminated, the spirited and the dreamers; it provides bespoke, one off pieces designed to heal yourself, mind, body, and spirit. With a strong focus on styling and fashion, every piece captures beauty and magic.