Chakra Balancing Diffuser Bracelet
Chakra Balancing Diffuser Bracelet

Chakra Balancing Diffuser Bracelet

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Each Chakra Balancing Diffuser Bracelet is cleansed with sage and infused with Reiki love and light.

Lava rock is one of the oldest and most abundant stones in the world, it strengthens our connection to Mother Gaia. It represents protection, strength and fertility. The lava beads provide courage and stability in times of change, and is a deeply grounding stone.

It helps dissipate anger and provides protection, guidance and understanding during difficult times.

The rainbow of gemstone beads correspond to each of the 7 chakras within our body, together paired with the lava rock helps to balance and align the chakras, grounding our energy for inner healing.

Add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil(s) and inhale their healing aroma all day!

Essential Oil Application: Rub your favourite pure essential oil into your lava beads before putting on your bracelet. Allow them to dry and let the oils soak in for a few minutes. This allows oils to absorb properly and makes the scent last longer.