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Crone Of The Winter Solstice Meditation

CRONE OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE MEDITATION Close your eyes and start to take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Sit with your spine nice and tall, or lay down if this is more comfortable for you. Start to deepen your breath, taking in long slow inhalations through the nose, then exhaling long, slow relaxing breaths out through the nose, allowing your whole body to soften and relax. Visualise a white sparkly mist showering over you, and with each exhalation breathe the white mist out until the light surrounds you. Imagine yourself standing in a magickal winter forest. It feels ancient yet you know this place, there is a sense of familiarity. Snow lays thick on the forest floor...

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Yule / The Winter Solstice

The Magick Of Yule Yule marks the longest night of the year, it is celebrated as the Midwinter Solstice around December 21st. Ever since Samhain, we have journeyed deeper and deeper into the dark, bringing awareness to our shadows, and learning how to illuminate our own path. On Yule, we end our long journey and emerge from the darkness more knowledgeable and grateful for the light.  Yule is about hope, from out of the deepest, darkest night of the year comes a “new born” sun, full of promise for days of greater light and warmth. During Yule we are symbolically reminded that light comes out of our darkness, the chaos in our lives, the heartbreak and the pain we sometimes...

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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini

On December 12th 2019 we have the last Full Moon of the year, bringing with it a culmination of potent energies right before Eclipse Season begins and before we draw a close to the end of the decade! As with any Full Moon, it is a time of release; issues being brought to light and illuminated to show you what needs to be let go of in preparation for a new cycle.  This moon in particular is your chance to draw a line under the last 6 months and everything that has risen to the surface since July’s Eclipse. It is time to consummate, complete and consolidate so you can leave behind what is no longer in alignment with who...

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