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Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Pisces 2021

The New Moon in Pisces on the 13th March brings a new wave of consciousness with its dreamy, ethereal and transformative energy. The Pisces New Moons falls at 23° & 3 minutes which is a point of initiation and new beginnings, a very significant alignment with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac, it’s energy bringing about completion, unravelling, releasing and letting go. There is a sense of something coming into awareness that you’re ready to let go of, something that you have healed from or a spiritual lesson that has ran its course, which is part of this Pisces energy that will be opening your heart up for greater expansion and revealing itself to you later in March...

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Intuitive Astrology: Pisces Full Moon

This Month’s Full Moon falls on Friday 13th and is in the beautifully dreamy and intuitive sign of Pisces. This Moon is a highly Piscean, Neptunian Full Moon because it’s emphasised by the Moon being conjunct with Neptune. Its energy is ethereal, inspiring, and has the potential to spark something beautiful within us.  The occurrence of a Full Moon on Friday the 13th is actually very rare. It previously happened on the 13th of October 2000, and won’t happen again until 13th August, 2049. So, I think this calls for a big celebration and for naked dancing in the woods, don’t you?This September Full Moon is also referred to as the Harvest Moon, as it is the last Full Moon...

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