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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Virgo 2021

The Full Moon is exact at 8°57 minutes of Virgo, 8:17pm UK time on the 27th February. I love this Full Moon as it's the transitional phase on the great Wheel of the Year from one season to another, February’s Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon and it's the perfect reminder before we transition into Spring to honour our inward journey and reflect on winter's wisdom. Tonight is the perfect time to meditate and journal on what it is you want to take with you into Spring and what you want to leave behind.  The February Full Moon is a good time to work magick for purification, healing, growth, responsibility, forgiveness, love of yourself and new plans. Virgo...

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Intuitive Astrology: Super New Moon in Virgo

The September 17th Super New Moon falls in the sign of Virgo and is the first in a line up of three Super New Moons. The energy of this beautiful New Moon has emphasis on nurturing and healing. Shadow season is fast approaching and is a time here in the Northern Hemisphere where we start to take our journey inwards for self reflection and introspection. Just as the world around us starts to wane, we can look towards these darker months for guidance on what it is we internally need to let go of and shed, and what it is we need to harvest to keep us full of gratitude and vitality through these winter months. Before we start to...

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Intuitive Astrology: New Moon in Pisces

On Sunday 23rd February 2020 the Sun and the Moon conjunct at 4° of Pisces, bringing us an energetically powerful New Moon that is ushering a new sense of balance and clarity, and asking us to dive deeper into our spiritual exploration.The New Moon in Pisces is happening at the same time as Mercury is stationed retrograde in Pisces, the mystical water sign that will be helping us reconnect or re-align with our higher purpose on our souls mission or spiritual path. Mercury rules every form of communication and the mind, and Pisces is intuitive heart energy, it’s creative and dreamy by nature and carries hidden energy that allows us to go to profound places to do the visionary work. This...

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