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Pisces Full Moon - Intuitive Astrology

The Full Moon in Pisces approaching on August 26th-27th is a very special moon, it carries a beautiful energy that is here to encourage us to reach for bigger dreams and help us anchor what is it that we truly want out of life. A Full Moon is a time of completion, often a climatic point of the month where emotions tend to run high, and particularly in this case we have a very emotional watery sign in Pisces. As beautiful as this moon is, as it is the final water sign it is here to take us to the deepest darkest depths of our soul, where the unresolved pain lies dormant. However through this healing journey, like the lotus...

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Scorpio Full Moon Astrology

Full Moon in Scorpio 29th - 30th April If you're a big believer in Moon Magic, then you must be as excited as I am after the New Moon in Aries recently on the 15th of April. Combined with the fiery energy of this Scorpio Full Moon, this is kind of a big deal astrologically! With both Scorpio and Aries ruled by Mars, these energies are the most passionate and forward-pushing of all the planets. The perfect combination for projecting and manifesting your wildest dreams and desires. I for one have been super excited for these energies to unfold. After all, this is one of the most potent and powerful Full Moons of the year! The Scorpio Full Moon is...

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Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance

We all could benefit from a little more abundance in our lives, whether that be for health, prosperity, money, wisdom, love or gratitude. This months Taurus Full Moon is here to bring us the abundance we need. If you want to get focused, grounded and set clear intentions so that you can make steps in the right direction that most supports your desire, then this is the ritual for you. I'm a firm believer in the universe providing you with exactly what you need, at the right time, as long as its for your greater good. The Taurus Full Moon on November 3rd/4th is the Snow Moon/Tree Moon, and this represents the moon of silence, inner working, strength and completion....

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