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Samhain & Our Ancestors

Samhain is a festival of darkness and transition which is balance to the opposite point of the wheel Beltane on May 31st, a spring festival which celebrates light and fertility. As we prepare for the season of rest, the Southern Hemisphere are reawakening, emerging from their winter slumber and prepare to embrace a new road ahead, one filled with life and a promise of new beginnings.  Samhain translates to “SUMMERS END” and is the Celtic New Year. Samhain is the final of the three harvests in the Celtic cycle, it is it’s a festival to celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth. Samhain is a time to celebrate all that we have grown this year, a time to give thanks...

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Journey Through The Veil Meditation

Journey through the veil This meditation should be done with only pure intentions, make sure you ground and protect yourself before you do this journey through the veil meditation. Simple ways of grounding and protecting can be done by visualising yourself surrounded by pure white light.  Imagine yourself walking in a barren October wood, all the trees are bare and crisp golden-brown leaves lay on the floor. It is so silent and almost eerie, you hear the leaves crack beneath your feet with each step you take. You walk calmly and peacefully through this beautiful wood, no sign of life anywhere, yet you are filled with the sense of familiarity, like you have been here before. You start to hear...

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