Welcome to the Age Of Aquarius

We are starting off the month with the beautiful energy shift of the pagan holy days of Imbolc, the return of the light that brings a lightness and a healing energy to us. In norse mythology,  this part of the wheel of the year is connected to goddesses Eir and Saga, two witches who both hold ancient magick of light vibrations. 

Eir keeps the medicine of energy healing as well as knowledge of healing remedies. Through channeling pure light and being able to tap into the subtle layers of the body, she shows us our inherent gift of self healing and ability to heal anything and anyone through connecting with our innate light of pure life force energy, that which we are not separate from. 

Saga keeps the stories of the world in her magickal dwelling place and in her mind, and she has the gift of the sight, she is a witch of seeing into all the worlds, and also she is a witch of stories, words, myths and sagas, as her name suggests. 

This month will be a lot about healing, downloading light into our bodies... and so, we are reframing the old stories of the mind and the old emotional wounds- both personal and collective... 

The old patterns, old stories, old conditioning is at its peak of being relieved in us personally and revealed to us collectively as what they are- made up! Yet they are a necessary make-up innate to our journey of self-realisation… But, they are not the end all be all reality, we are far greater than we comprehend. Change is the only constant. The two energies who are influencing us a lot this month are Aquarius energy and Pisces energy, them both are the evolved signs of the end of the Zodiac- Sign 11 and sign 12. These two are all about change, nothing ever staying the same. They are about being of service for the greater good through creativity and new genius ideas that benefit all. They are about transcending the personal, about spirituality and non-linearity. Inner and outer revolution is ahead. 

Aquarius will stir up the air element of the mind showing us the things in the story we created about ourselves that need an update. The story the world created about itself is not working anymore, clearly, and we are shown how we may transform it from density to light through taking care of ourselves first. Aquarius rules our hopes and dreams, showing us that the best is yet to come. Maybe Aquarius knows something we don’t, that’s why that energy dares to create revolution and why so many follow it. Aquarius is the leader that doesn’t give a shit if anyone follows or not, at its best is a mature energy of creating the new- out of just knowing. Knowing we are meant to break the chains that bind.  

Pisces will get us safely to shore of our emotional waters, showing us that emotional intelligence is the key, the unconditional love of our own intelligent spiritual nature is what will ultimately carry us on. Don’t forget to act, speak, be from a space of Love, if Love is your end goal- you have to start from where you want to end up. Sounds confusing? Not to non-linear Pisces.

Stories of unworthiness, suppression and separation are personal and collective wounds. Rewriting the stories of the mind can be a good use of time as Mercury is retrograde (appearing to move backwards from the viewpoint of Earth) in Aquarius this month. Our mental body and nervous system will be amped up since we have so much Aquarius energy going on. Mercury rules our mind and it is exalted in Aquarius, meaning it’s Mercury's favourite placement. Why? Aquarius being the sign of no limitations, genius and freedom- the mind loves that. We give the mind a bad rep in spirituality- but it is a genius creation within a genius creation… use it wisely, and it’s a doorway to freedom. 

One of the stories we have been told by western patriarchal society in many ways on many levels, is the story that we don’t Matter and that we are not worthy to just be here as we are. “We are nothing but sinners”/ “we are to do as we are told”/ “we are a tiny part of a huge collective, and if we are not reaching millions of people with our work it has no effect”/ “we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves”/ “we are a number in the books needing to earn our living and pay to live and then even pay to be buried properly”. 

But we do Matter- literally, physically, you matter, since you are in a body. If you didn’t matter you wouldn’t be here- very simple. An internal negative dialogue going on is really arguing with life- there’s better use of the mind, there’s better use of time. The energies are getting higher and we do well with them when we learn to take ourselves and the role we play here more sincerely through gaining clarity. Breathing deeper for a little while in bed before you get up or go to sleep and/ or starting a 5 minute per day meditation practice for example, can make a huge difference in the way the energies can flow through your system… 

The thing about reframing unworthiness is that you need to take time to receive yourself fully. 

Embodying light is our primary task, no matter what we may have been told. If your specific expression of source energy was not needed on earth right now, you wouldn’t be here. Not only are you worthy and matter, you are essential. This is a new story being written at the same pace as we unfold our evolution and revolution, and part of that is tapping in to your innate worth as a light-bearer!

Aquarius is depicted as the water bearer, a human pouring water from an urn, this is not because Aquarius has anything to do with the element of water ruling emotions, Aquarius is an air sign that is more intellectual than emotional, the archetype of the water bearer in this case is used because water is equal to healing and rebirth. 

Aquarius new moon 11th February comes with a power pack in Aquarius; Sun and Moon in Aquarius (new moon), Jupiter and Saturn is in Aquarius, so is Venus, and we also have Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Six out of our ten planets are in Aquarius at the same time, that’s a lot of Revolution energy. 

Aquarians vibe at a different frequency, they are from the future, traveling back in time to show us where we are headed. They are pouring the healing waters of the future on us. Aquarius is the air sign that rules technology, the new age and breaking old structure. 

Everything too weird for “normal” is ruled by Aquarius- Aliens, Astrology, Space, Time travel, Teleportation, Telepathy… You name it- Aquarians will talk about it gladly. 

The sad part about Aquarius energy is that of feeling like an outcast, not belonging in one’s family of origin... hell- not even belonging on this planet. The feeling of not fitting in because we are different from the “norm” is not something to let ourselves be dragged down by. It should be a compliment that the “normal” don’t agree with you. 

Normal is boring, and in fact, over. There’s no such thing anymore. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Let your freak flag fly. Aquarius is the part in all of us who came here to explore FREEDOM! 

Aquarius rules friendship, community, ideas and designs for the future of humanity. Aquarius rules the crazy genius/ crazy scientist archetype with out of the box thinking. It’s a great time now to write, and be creative! It’s a great time for plans, ideas and all communication. Flashes of inspiration, instant ideas on how to do things differently, and rethinking old habits is a good use of your time in February. 

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, why not set some boundaries and rethink your use of technology. I ended the January energy update with this note on awareness regarding connecting with the physical world and turning off the Wi-fi now and then, and it is worth bringing it up again. The shadow side of Aquarius is detachment to the point of isolation- it’s easy to detach from reality with technology and fall into sleep mode, denying yourself the attention you so greatly deserve. Use technology by all means, just use it wisely and creatively- not to detach from yourself.  

Sun moves into Pisces 19th of February, and with Neptune already in Pisces this is going to be a very clear energy shift into a journey moving way way slower than the previous rebel miss Aquarius took us on. Prepare to take it down a few octaves, prepare to slow down and indulge in a more dreamy and soft time. You are allowed to feel spaced out during Pisces season. Allowed to slow down and pay attention to dreams, meditate more and make a more sincere commitment to your spirituality and your creativity. 

Intuition is heightened and it’s a good time to create all kinds of ceremonies, magic, receive downloads and messages in dreams and note them down for the coming months. Think of it as allowing a little step back before the spring comes and take you on all kinds of adventures. Soon enough you will be fuelled by the fire of Aries coming in hot as the days get longer and energy amps up physically and energetically as spring bursts out. 

We are constantly dancing with the elements, and now…. it’s water time. And since you can’t push water- dive in instead. 

To all artists in any field and content creators, pay attention at the end of February when our creativity represented by Venus joins the general mood setter, our Sun, as well as dreamy Neptune, all together in Pisces. Both Neptune and Venus are strong in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces and Venus is exalted, (love to hang out in the energy of), Pisces because it is the energy of non linear thinking and creativity without limits. 

Whether we know or not we are channeling when we are making art, which is Pisces energy. Pisces rule creativity as in artworks, writing lyrics, poetry and it also rules the refined skills of both creating music and dancing. Pluto is still in Capricorn, so there’s a power source to make business out of your art projects at the end of February. Capricorn + Pisces energy combined in its highest expression equals making business (Cap) out of creativity (Pisces)! Especially as Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius- lighting up energy around our hopes and dreams. Go for it

With the Full moon in Virgo 27th February we are ending the month with a little push pull between the energies of dreams, creativity and spacing out as Pisces loves…  And order, logic, getting things done as Virgo loves. An opposition in Astrology is not necessarily bad, it is two opposing energies and at the high road we learn to combine them! There’s time to dream and space out, there’s time to organise these dreams into reality and get shit done. To allow both energies to flow, more and/ or less at different times, is what the practical application of Astrology is all about. 

The Full moon is opposite Neptune in Pisces which add to creativity, dreamy energy and all things Pisces. Our emotions may be a little confusing for us during this full moon due to the vague and spacey energy that Neptune in Pisces adds… Sensitivity is certainly heightened because of this opposition. There’s no planets in fire in the sky at this full moon, if you are an air person (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) or a fire person (Leo, Sag, Aries) you may need to put in some effort to pick your energy up, exercise, dance, sing and do something to get out of your head. 

Have a wonderful February, know that the energies will be high and electric from time to time first half of the month in the influence from the air element... and then shift to be a little dreamy, slower and at times may be confusing at the end of the month as watery Pisces energy takes over. However you are feeling and healing and dealing with life, breathe deep - be creative, give yourself more credit for being here, and know that lighter times are coming.


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